Job Post – Hiring my first employee at $3.00/hr

Today, I am in the process of hiring my first employee! After reading The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss, I am taking one of his suggestions and and hiring an assistant. My plan is to hopefully spend no more than $3-$4/hr to have someone find content for my anonymous publishing website,

I have been doing this myself for the last several of weeks with great results (Since launching a bit over a month ago, Lettur has seen over 20,000 unique visitors!) Although, for me it ends up being a bit of a big time sink as I am always lured in by interesting web content. My hunts for jokes, and other anecdotes, to post have an “Alice’s rabbit hole” effect on me.

Also, as suggested in the 4HWW, hiring an assistant is a great training exercise for any entrepreneur. It is important to possess the ability to clearly communicate tasks, and develop time management skills for someone else’s time.

To find my new employee, I decided to use ODesk. There are a few other alternatives listed on Tim’s blog, but I found ODesk to be the most user friendly and inviting. After a quick search, I found Tessa who seemed very competent and capable. So, I posted a job description and sent her a personal message. She lives in the Philippines and is willing to work for ~3.00/h. Perfect! Hopefully, we can setup an arrangement where she is spending ~.5 hour ever few days posting content for me. This will save me a ton of time, and cost less than cigarettes!

My Job Posting on ODesk: is an anonymous publishing website.

Description:We are looking for someone to help find content such as jokes, quotes, funny sayings, stories, ect., to post on Lettur. Also, someone who can share these pages on social networking sites like Twitter and Reddit. This would be a fun and easy task!
Skills Needed:

  1. Good sense of humor.
  2. Familiarity with Reddit & Twitter.
  3. Decent reading/writing skills.

If interested, please respond with a few funny jokes!

In the past, I have tried to leverage Craigslist to fill similar needs by creating job posting for unpaid interns. Depending on the legitimacy and desirability of your brand, this can be successful. I often find music enthusiasts and aspiring writers, that are interested in writing blog posts for one of my music related websites. Although, for this particular position, I think hiring someone is the best fit.

I have a bit of a “here goes nothing” feeling. But, we’ll see how this goes. I will certainly update my blog with the status of my project. I really hope Tessa has a sense of humor! Stay tuned.

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