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Boom! The  BetterYoo beta site is live and I am looking for folks to help me beta test before doing a formal release. I would love any input you have. Check it out @ BetterYoo Text Message Reminders

For the last few weeks, I have been pouring every waking hour into BetterYoo. I am very proud of the design and I wanted to feature it here on my blog despite, at the time of writing this post, the service is not being available yet. You can visit the site to get a better look, but you will find that the service prompts a message describing the state of our development.

Design-wise, a I made a few intentional subleties to strengthen our branding effort. The main character is an Elephant because the “elephant never forgets.” Being a reminder service, I figured this a perfect fit. I wanted to draw the elephant caricature myself, but after a few google image searches for inspiration I found a too perfect to be true elephant. Here he is to “scale” with the BetterYoo logo:

I am still doing some A/B testing to determine the best tagline. So far “Text Message Reminders” is the most intuitive choice. I am also considering/testing “Recurring Reminders” or “SMS Reminders”. The background for BetterYoo consists of a light gradient and a pattern that screamed “elephant skin” to me. I believe this subtle correlation does a lot to build branding. For an interface I decided to make it stupidly simple and I chose a pastel green color base.

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    1. Thanks! I didn’t design the elephant myself. I was planning to, but I found him while I was looking for inspiration, and I fell in love xD. I can make the words darker, which words in particular?

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