Pic-Mapper.com Pinpoint GPS Enabled on a Map

pic-mapperWhile chatting with the guys at one of my favorite fishing forums, I had a fun opportunity to impress a few of the old timers with my technological prowess. You see, at these fishings forums a lot of the guys will share pictures of their catch. But, many go to great lengths to try and hide any distinguishable details from the photo so others won’t discover their “secret fishing spots!”

Unfortunately for one of the members, they forgot to remove the GPS coordinates that was included in picture’s meta data. I was able to figure out exactly where his “secret spot” was by plugging the GPS data into Google Maps. While doing this, I realized there was no tool or service to make this process simple. So, I created pic mapper!

On Pic-Mapper.com anyone can drag an image onto the page, and a Google Map will pop-up showing the location where the image was taken. It will only work with photos that were taken on a GPS enabled device (smartphones).

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