This lil' bugger almost ruined my day.

Remove A Broken RCA Pin from Female Plug

I just learned a really nifty trick to remove a broken RCA pin from a female RCA plug. I have a guitar pedal board that sits on the floor. I use the digital output from the pedal board into my computer’s sound card. Occasionally, I forget to close the door to the studio, and my dogs will romp around in there. About a year ago, they stepped on the RCA cable, and broke the pin off inside the female plug.

At the time, I searched around for hours trying to figure out how to dislodge the pin from the plug. I tried needle-nosed pliers. It ended up pusing the pin further in. To the point where I could no longer grab anything with the pliers. So, then I tried a dot of crazy glue on the tip of a toothpick. I sat for a half hour, holding my hands as steady as possible, only to pull up the toothpick with nothing attached. Finally, I pulled out my drill and took out all 30 screws and disassembled the pedal board. Again, no luck, the plug was sealed from the back and there was no chance of pushing the pin out the way it went in. I ended up caving and just buying a new pedal board. I gave the old one to my little brother, and he was exstatic about getting it. So, all in all, I was out $150.00. But, I made my little bros day.

So, today you could imagine my total disapointment with myself, and my dogs, when I noticed the same thing happened on my new pedal board. But, this time I found an awesome solution.

This lil' bugger almost ruined my day.

Remove A Broken RCA Cable Pin from the Jack

  1. Find a needle or a thin nail.
  2. On a hard surface, bend the very tip of the needle slightly so that it forms a tiny barb. (May or may not be needed)
  3. Heat the tip of the needle with a lighter until it glows red hot. (Red hot may be exageration, I gave it about 30-60 seconds of heat.
  4. Stick the needle into the plastic core of the broken RCA pin
  5. Wait a few seconds for it to cool
  6. Pull the needle out, and the broken tip should follow!

Thanks to this instructables post for the answer to my problem.

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17 thoughts on “Remove A Broken RCA Pin from Female Plug”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot for posting this man, really helped me out!
    I managed to wreck my school’s vcr by busting the RCA cable heads off into the female tv ports.
    Using this and another guide to fix up the cables I got it working fine.

    Cheers mate!

      1. I have the same problem, but the plastic plug came out and left the metal portion of the outer plug in the female plug. Any suggestions?

    1. Awesome!! Could not get wireless headphone receiver into TV for several months since my old one broke off in the RCA outlets!! This worked great!!! Thank You!!

  2. Just saved me some money of having to send my speakers in. I know you got it from another site, but after reading and trying a dozen other solutions this one worked.


  3. Dude thank you very much.. I have been looking to see how I can fix my receiver, without having to take it in and blowing $100. I have tried various ways, when i get home ill have to try this trick out.. Ill let you know how it works out for me!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I was really frustrated and tried everything and this worked. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for the trick! It worked for me, but only the plastic center came out – the metal part of the plug was still stuck in the input. I got around this by screwing a screw in the input, pulled it out & voila! Problem solved. Thanks for your help.

  6. Thank you so very much for this! I had rca pins snapped off in the back of my tv for what seemed like forever, and this was miraculous. Lol. Now I can hook my laptop up to my tv again. Truly appreciated

  7. 1000 Thanks! Tried the pliers and the glue just as you did. Found your post just in time as I was about to whip out the hammer on this thing!
    Now I don’t have to buy a new stereo. You Sir, are the Harry Potter of audio component repair!

  8. thank you so much bro!!!
    you save my life!!!! if my elder cousin and my uncle find out they definitely kill me thank you so much bro….

  9. Awesome tip. I found out the pin is a metal jacket around a plastic core. This is why this tip works. I had 2 broken pins. One worked flawlessly. The other pushed through. Either way, I’m in business again. You’re a genius.

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