Tumblr Custom Domain (or Subdomain) With FatCow Hosting

Having trouble setting up a custom domain on Tumblr through FatCow? Do not worry, it is possible. You can use your FatCow domain name on Tumblr, or do what I did and create a subdomain for your Tumblr blog. I use FatCow for most of my web hosting needs (I love the fact that they use solely wind power!) But, setting up an A-Record change on through their domain center tool required a bit of doing. Here is how:

  1. Open your FatCow control panel and select the DomainCenter option
  2. Hit the “+” button, on the domain you wish to modify, to open the options
  3. Select the DNS tab
  4. If you see two textboxes containing your nameservers you will need to do a live chat with FatCow tech support. I let them know I wanted to be able to change my A-Records and they made a quick change to my account that enabled the additional access.
  5. Otherwise, select the A-Record option.
  6. To change your domains A-Record simply hit edit and paste the  I.P. address provided by Tumblr.
  7. To setup a subdomain, add your subdomain name (ex blog) and the I.P. address provided by Tumblr.

Thats it! You are warned that these changes can take between 24-48 hours. Although, I found that the change was instant! Hope you have the same luck. Feel free to comment or find me on twitter if you have any questions!

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4 thoughts on “Tumblr Custom Domain (or Subdomain) With FatCow Hosting”

  1. Hey there!

    You are a life saver. Just one question. I can access my A-record but it gives me a long list of hosts for pop, mail, ftp, etc and my website name. You only refer to what needs to be edited by the word ‘it’. I was a little confused as to which ‘it’ it was. I want my tumblr attached to a subdomain blog.dimini.ca and don’t want my dimini.ca touched. Is the ‘it’ I edit still dimini.ca in the A-Record menu?

    1. Hi Lauren, glad I could help you with this problem. When I said it I meant the a-record for the subdomain. Best of luck to you.

  2. Hey Rob,

    I’m feeling a little lost.

    I had a blog on WordPress associated with my website, which I had connecteed to Feedburner. I wasn’t thrilled with WordPress, so I set up a Tumblr blog instead, and want to stick with that one.

    My question: is there a way I can update my Feedburner feed with the new Tumblr blog without losing all my subscribers?

    My blog is http://composingmyself.tumblr.com/.

    My website is on Fatcow, and I chatted with customer support to be able to modify my a-records, as you suggested.

    The problem is, I don’t want my whole site to be pointed to the blog; I want the blog to share my website url. I also want people to be able to subscribe from it there, and have those subscribers add to my current feedburner community.

    Can you help?

    Thank you so much!


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